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Hi Dominic,
I've been really impressed with the work on our shower base. It looks gorgeous. Please know how grateful we are for this work. I couldn't be happier with how it all looks.
Best wishes,
Emily Pearce - Rockville, MD

Hello Lisa and Dominic,
I wanted to say thank you. The crew that did the repairs to my home were great! They were quick, polite, and the quality of their work was fantastic! I'm extremely happy and have already recommended you to a good friend of mine.

Thank you again for all of your hard work!
Gail Groboski - North Potomac, MD

Dear Dominic,
Last night David came into the kitchen as I was preparing dinner and exclaimed with uncharacteristic delight:

“I love our kitchen!”

To which I replied:
“You know, I don’t think there is a single time I’ve entered this kitchen since Dominic remodeled it without thinking a prayer of gratitude!”
“So, have you said that to Dominic?” David asked.

I am so embarrassed that it has taken me nearly 1 ½ years to tell you how much we appreciate the work you and your team did to “put a pearl necklace on our monkey”…transforming our kitchen from a dark and dingy hovel to a beautiful, light-filled, comfortable space that we naturally gravitate toward. And our screen room…oh my gosh, Dominic! We lived in it all last spring, summer, and fall. I even took my laptop out there to work on weekdays. Can you imagine what a difference you’ve made to our lives?

Which is why I’m so embarrassed that it has taken me so long to say simply…thank you.

I’ve attached a few photos I took with my phone last summer. I just figured out how to download them from the iCloud today. The other snapshots I took while you and Alvi were working are a little fuzzy, but if you want them, I can put them in DropBox for you.

In gratitude,
Lynd - Silver Spring, MD

Primarily living out-of-state and having purchased a townhouse in Silver Spring, MD as a second home two years ago (where my college-student son is residing), it became especially important for my family to find a handyman service in the DC area that we can rely on. Fortunately, a former neighbor and good friend there referred me to Nationwide Handyman Service. With Dominic & Lisa Santopietro at the helm, the company's personal touch is as exceptional as the efficiency and quality of its service. Early work for us ranged from the installation of drapery hardware and lighting to the replacement of an old, leaky toilet with a low flow model we love.

However, do not be misled by the "Handyman" label. While no job is too small, the company also specializes in bathroom and kitchen remodeling. We presently are updating our upstairs bathroom by having an old fiberglass tub surround replaced with cement board and tiling, along with a new bathtub. Happily, Lisa & Dominic made my tile choice easy, even long distance. They thoughtfully took the time to check out a few different tiles I was considering, and then provided me with immediate feedback ... making my final selection virtually effortless. If you are looking for personal care and quality work you can rely on, I highly recommend Nationwide Handyman Service.

Eve Taylor Adams

Nationwide Handyman

Dear Dominic,
I just wanted to write and tell you what a great job your men did on the third floor of my house. I really don't know their names , but the two men were very courteous and helpful. The ceiling looks brand new and the paint matches the joining wall perfectly. Not only that, they did not tear the wallpaper at all. This is a good thing, as I could not find any border paper--that is not the "In Thing" anymore, according to Home Depot.

I am most grateful to get the job done, and your men deserve a lot of credit for making me feel that way. I will certainly recommend your company in the future to anyone that needs work done. I appreciate your personal attention to me in getting the work done.

Blanche M. Maxsell, Montgomery Village, MD

The kitchen cabinet over my refrigerator did not allow enough clearance for the new refrigerator I had ordered. I needed the cabinet taken down to provide room for a taller refrigerator. Mr. Santopietro came to my house and gave me an estimate on the same day that I called (Friday afternoon) and suggested that the cabinet be taken to the workshop and have about an inch sawed from the lower edge which would give me enough clearance for the new refrigerator. On Monday morning, the cabinet was taken down from the wall and taken out to the workshop. Before noon, the cabinet was resized, re-hung, and the edges were stained.

The experience was super. I was thrilled that everything was done so quickly and that the results were so nice looking... Geraldine Burgess, Gaithersburg, MD

Lisa Santopietro
Nationwide Handyman

I just wanted you to know that the work done on our house to repair wind damage was great, and the cost was so reasonable The crew started the job on time, worked quickly and surely, and completed the job more quickly than we had thought they would. They cleaned up everything so thoroughly that you never would have known anything had been done, except for the fact that the house looks fabulous!!!

We can't thank you enough.

Dona & Gene Arnow
North Potomac, MD

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We hired Nationwide Handyman to renovate our outdated basement which included the rough in and installation of a new bathroom (with tile work, new tub, toilet, sink, electrical work) and the addition of 2 new windows and 2 extra closets with closet organizers. Drop ceiling was removed, drywall installed in ceiling and replaced in walls. Significant electrical rewiring was done, crown moulding was installed, floors ripped up, they even added a chalkboard area framed in moulding for my son. Opened up our stairwell, added a turn to the landing and railings. Brought in HVAC professional to rework some of the ductwork so that our upstairs would get stronger heat flow (the rooms had been cold, this fixed that). Dominic (owner) stopped onsite nearly everyday to check-in on the work and progress and was very helpful and knowledgeable and responsive and very pleasant to work with. He went above and beyond the scope of what we hired his company to do.

They were on-time, within estimate, very smooth overall. Everyone (plumber, HVAC, electrician, painter, etc) had great attention-to-detail and high quality. Tile work in bathroom is beautiful, painting is perfect throughout. People who see it are wowed by the work and quality. We will bring in Nationwide Handyman for future renovations...

Heidi Motz, POTOMAC, MD 20854

Dear Dominic and Lisa,

Now that the dust has cleared and Christmas is over I wanted to write to you and tell you how much we appreciate the work you did at my father-in-law's condo. Our Christmas party was a big success and everyone raved over how beautiful everything looked. The fact that you were able to get everything done in that short amount of time (and held to such a high quality of workmanship) was a fantastic feat! And what an amazing crew! All your guys are quite excellent craftsmen and nice to boot! Thank you all for your integrity, your incredible work ethic, your patience and the care and love that you put into my dad's space. We look forward to working with you again in the near future. That master bathroom, as you well know, is in dire need of attention. Once the sticker shock wears off my dad from this renovation, I'm sure he'll be ready to address that bathroom (I'm working on him!).

Jessica Boykin-Settles, Silver Spring, MD

Dear Nationwide Handyman,
Just a quick note to let you know how very pleased I am with the work your men performed today. They were prompt, respectful, and professional. I am very satisfied with everything they did. I will use your company again. I already recommended your company to a friend who needs painting done.
Rona Kashtan

Nationwide Handyman gutter and attached fascia gave way under the weight of entrapped ice and accumulated snow.

This was during one of the worst snow storms that I had experienced in all my time lining in this area. The downed fascia board had left part of my attic exposed to the elements and presented and opportunity for entry by squirrels and other creatures from the nearby wooded area.

After unsuccessfully trying a number of companies, I came upon your company by way of the Internet. I was somewhat doubtful that I would hear back from the message I left in your voicemail, but I received a return call and then a visit the following day (Saturday) right on time as you promised. You promptly checked out the area, told me that you could handle the job, gave me an estimate, and a tentative start date and time the following Monday (even though there was still about 3 feet of snow on the ground under the area to be worked.

As you promised, your two man crew including Supervisor German Gonzales showed up at the appointed time, shoveled out a working area and efficiently completed the reattachment of the fascia and gutter, even taking the extra steps of screwing (instead of nailing) the fascia to the roof rafter end for greater strength, and then painting over parts of the gutter that had been scratched. All this was done within your original estimate which I considered to be very reasonable, especially under the circumstances.

The experience was a very positive one for me. You and your crew were very courteous and capable. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to others and to call on you again for any of the wide ranging services listed in your brochure.

H.L. Peebles
Rockville, MD

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Dear Nationwide,
Thanks for yet another outstanding repair to my home! It looks great. The screen door is actually re-hung better than it was initially. It closes much more smoothly.

I had kinda forgotten about the gutter until I noticed that the rain wasn't falling directly onto the top of my head this morning. Whatever was going on up there is fixed too.

L Edwards,
Olney, MD

Nationwide Handyman

We are writing to tell you how please we are with the extensive work you did on our home last year. You did an excellent and skillful job on replacing wood siding, painting our home and replacing our gutters. All of the work was performed in a timely manner and all the workmen were both courteous and professional.

We would definitely recommend you to anyone who needed work on their homes. Thank you for your exemplary service.

CA Post & JM Post, MD
Bethesda, MD

Two weeks before Thanksgiving my wife noticed mold on the kitchen ceiling from a leak in the upstairs bathroom. One call and two hours later Dominic was over saw the problem and came up with a plan to not only repair the kitchen ceiling before the Thanksgiving Holiday but also start the repair or rather remodel of the master bathroom. His estimate was right on and while I suspect some of the hidden damage was more than he expected never once asked for more. His word is his word and he does what it takes to get the job done right the first time. All of his employees are courteous and prompt not to mention completely trustworthy. I could go on and on talking about the virtues of Nationwide Handyman but needless to say I would and will hire him again; I have used Dominic on many jobs and have never been disappointed. Living in a house that is 25 years old having a man like Dominic on speed dial allows me to sleep comfortably.

Dale K.
Derwood, Maryland

They were great. They were very easy to work with. The owner actually met me at a tile place to help me pick out tile for the bathroom. They gave me great advice, they did great work and I would highly recommend them.

Alan L.
Silver Spring, MD

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Nationwide Handyman, LLC.
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Dear Dominic

I cannot thank you enough for your guidance, ideas and flexibility during our recent office renovation.

We first called Nationwide Handyman in the late fall of 2008 for a simple modification to our clubhouse. We were extremely pleased with the work. I started talking with Dominic about what other changes we wanted to do to renovate our private office building in Bethesda and were quite pleased to find out that he could do it all and for a great price.

I felt confident with Dominic and his crew and giving them a key to the building allowing them to work after normal business hours and on weekends, made the project easier for his crews and our small staff. We took advantage of the renovation and did a major spring cleaning of the office at the same time.

It is a huge improvement in look, feel and staff motivation. We made new friends and we cannot wait till we do the kitchen next.

Diane Condrick
AMSUS Office Administrator

TO: Nationwide Handyman

The condo renovation I had done turned out beautifully, and I�m very happy with it. I chose Nationwide Handyman because, of the three contractors I talked to, I felt Lisa and Dominic would �hold my hand� more than the others would have � they took me to their suppliers and helped me to pick the flooring I needed, paint colors, sinks and faucets, etc. Dominic also offered some wonderful suggestions about hallway and doorway changes and kitchen design. I have never done a remodel , so there suggestions and expertise were very helpful! I plan to continue to use the company for maintenance needs in the future.

Mory Suntum, Montgomery County, MD

In 2006, a friend found Nationwide Handyman through Angie's List, and was extremely pleased with the job they did renovating a room in his house. In 2007, I found myself in need of a contractor, and my friend recommended Nationwide to me. The result has been amazing. In fact, Nationwide made it possible for me to move my 98-year-old Mom into my new house at a price less than half that of two other estimates I obtained. They turned a vacant lower-level space into a spacious, beautiful mother-in-law suite, and made other adjustments and renovations throughout the house to make it more accommodating for my Mom, who was able to join our family in the fall of 2007.

Once Mom was moved in, I then had to face selling her old house in 2008, a time when the real-estate market was tanking. My realtor told me my only hope was an extensive renovation, so again I turned to Nationwide Handyman. The job was large, so again I got three estimates, and again Nationwide�s was the most reasonable. Again, they did an absolutely super job, making the house stand out from the many on the market. And the payoff came immediately: I had a contract on the house within a week of putting it on the market, getting over 90% of my asking price. At the closing, the buyer said he had previously put a tentative offer on another home, but when he saw the beautiful results of Nationwide�s handiwork, he dropped the other offer and decided to buy mine.

Since that time, I have had Nationwide do a number of smaller, handyman-type tasks around the house, the latest being the addition of a safer stairway into my garage, completed in late 2008. Each time I�ve been pleasantly surprised at the high quality and reasonable price. I�ve also been grateful for another, crucial aspect of their work -- namely, they have a great ability to help me envision what I want done, and then go ahead and carry out the plan with minimal attention from me. Basically, with them, you�re getting sophisticated interior design for a price comparable to basic handyman work.

In summary, Nationwide Handyman is the best. Every job they have done for me has raised the standard, in my mind, of what a contractor can and should be. I recommend them wholeheartedly and without reservation.

Thomas Eagles, Maryland

Dear Dominic,
Thought I should let you know how much I appreciate the care and competence that typifies Nationwide�s work over the years we have called upon your company to keep our house in good repair. I believe our performance standards and reliability are tops. Thanks much,

Vic Hirsh, Maryland

Dear Nationwide Handyman,

We could not be happier with our new master bathroom! We had a serious space problem and your creativity in design and the expert craftsmanship of Alvi, resulted in a bathroom/closet suite that we love! We chose your company because of the reasonable price, promptness of estimate, and the good feeling we got from speaking with both Dominic and Lisa. We felt that you were honest, had creative ideas, and would be able to do quality work in a timely manner. In particular, we really valued the help choosing our fixtures, tiles, and other features for the bathroom and closet. As first time homeowners, we were daunted by the task of choosing and buying all of these items. And your flexibility as we found items within our budget was much appreciated. In addition to our renovating our bathroom, you repaired our water-damaged drywall in the basement for free, which was generous and greatly appreciated.

We can't say enough good things about Alvi, who was the primary carpenter on our project. He was perfectionist (which we loved), kind, and so unbelievably neat. The construction took place in our bedroom and he left our room spotless each night! He was wonderful with our daughter, who still talks about him and was a pleasure to have in our home. We would be delighted to have him complete more projects for us in the future.

Thank you for all of your hard work. We look forward to many future projects--large and small. It is a relief to have a company that can be our major contractor and our "local handyman" for all of our home improvement needs.

Best wishes,
Karen and Doug Miller, Maryland

Dear Nationwide Handyman,

We'd like to thank you for the outstanding job and service your company provided for our remodeling job. We had been waiting for months for another company to provide estimates for over 25 separate projects that needed to be done to complete part of our home remodeling job. You came back to us with a quote in less than a week and worked with us in adjusting what needed to be done to stay within our budget. Your staff was very professional and stayed continuously on the job until everything was completed to our satisfaction. Your follow-up was outstanding, sending someone over immediately to fix or adjust anything we pointed out. We would definitely recommend your company to anyone who needs a job done well, in a timely manner and within budget. We are looking forward to working with you on other home projects we have planned for the near future.

Thank you again for a job well done.

L&E Hassrick, Darnestown, MD


Nationwide Handyman is a great company to work with. They are professional, reliable, and I appreciated their communications and follow up.

The workmanship on the drywall repairs is great.

I would definitely do repeat business with Nationwide Handyman and I shall be pleased to recommend your company to my friends and neighbors.


Dear Nationwide Handyman,

I was referred to Nationwide Handyman by a friend of mine and we recently had some home improvement work completed by your company. I was extremely impressed by the fast response to our inquiry for an estimate and the scheduling for the job. Your staff arrived early and left late, paid close attention to detail and completed the work as scheduled.

I will highly recommend your business to friends and family, and will continue to use your services.

Thank you for making our home even better!

Lev Ellian & Brandy Malocha, Germantown, MD

Dear Nationwide Handyman,
One word more than sums up our experience with you...WOW! When we got home from our mini vacation and saw the work had been completed while we were gone both my wife and I were ecstatic about the house because it looked great. You guys more than lived up to our high expectations and your care to just make sure the job gets done right is a credit to your entire organization. From my first contact with you we were impressed with your honesty, professionalism, care, and quality of work. Your work ethic is one that, as they say, comes from time long ago and not seen in today's world all that often.

......Thanks again for a quick response in getting our house completed before the cold really set in for the winter. You most certainly can count on me to sing your praises to all that will listen and also use us as a reference to anyone that you like.....

D & J Kaye, Derwood, Maryland

Dear Nationwide Handyman,
Last month we became Nationwide Handyman customers when we needed help to prepare for a flat screen TV installation. Our job required the services of an electrcian (to install and electrical junction box) and a carpenter (to install molding and a channel to conceal the wiring). Both of these professionals did an excellent job and it was obvious that they were experienced and skilled.

When the job was completed, Nationwide Handyman gave us the name of an artist who was able to paint the channel that concealed the wiring so that it blended in perfectly with our brick wall. The result was awesome! We are so pleased with the outcome and would not hesitate to recommend Nationwide Handyman to our friends. Please feel free to use us as a reference.

Thank you for your help in "sprucing up" our aging house; I am sure you will be hearing from us again.

M. Ducas, Gaithersburg, Maryland

Dear Nationwide Handyman,
We want to let you know how much we are grateful for the high quality and professional work you and your staff provided repairing the outside of our house and replacing the front and back doors. The skill and cheerful attiude of the craftsmen was most welcomed. We espcially appreciated the flexibility and responsiveness you provided when unexpected roadblocks appeared. Your willingness and capability to do the paper work via email was a considerable advantage in streamlining the whole operation.

We shall definitely consider using your services first when major repairs may again be required to our home.

Thank you,
J. Weeks, Silver Spring, Maryland

Dear Nationwide Handyman,
We recently used your company to have some attic work done and area very pleased with the workmanship. All the work was done in a timely and professional manner and we are happy with how the job turned out.

We would certainly use your company for other projects in the future, and would recommend you to our friends and neighbors.

R. Robinson, Germantown, Maryland

Dear Nationwide Handyman,
Your company recently completed work installing a bay window in our home. This is to let you know that your employee did an OUTSTANDING job, treating it as if it was in his own home. Not only was he highly professional and competent, but he was courteous, trustworthy, considerate and thoughtful.

Thanks to Nationwide Handyman -- we would be happy to do business with you in the future.

L & D Rubin, Derwood, Maryland

Dear Nationwide Handyman
I wanted to thank you for the work that you did in my house in August 2006. I am impressed with your services. When you came to do my estimate, you arrived on time and walked through the different tasks that needed to be completed; you did not rush through it. Then, not only did your staff do a wonderful job on the work that needed to be done, but they arrived each day on time and according to schedule. When we needed to purchase additional materials you made sure to get my approval and to ensure that I was completely satisfied with the new tiles.

In terms of the job, it definitely exceeded my expectations! I am so very excited to know that I now have a "handyman" services to do work that I have planned and need to get done in my house. I thoroughly appreciate your scheduling, your accurate work estimates, attention to detail, your courteous manner and your wonderful input in the decorating aspects of the work.

Thanks so much for your most excellent work.

P. Atwood, Gaithersburg, Maryland

Dear Nationwide Handyman,
Thank you so very much for your excellent work on our addition. We couldn't be happier with our new space. You have transformed our house and made it possible for us to use every inch. It really looks terrific. All of you have been a pleasure to do business with......

.... We have had many requests for your contact information, which we have happily passed on.

M & R Gramlich, Bethesda, Maryland

Dear Nationwide Handyman,
Recently, this past November, Nationwide Handyman completed work on my rental house in Bethesda, Maryland. Mr. Santopietro arrived on time for our appointments. He was professional in demeanor, courteous and helpful in providing suggestions for making repairs and improvements to the house.....

The work was completed within the time frame that Nationwide Handyman promised and was well done. Nationwide Handyman called me promptly when weather did not permit them to the work and to reschedule the work. The pricing for the labor and materials appeared reasonable to me. In addition Nationwide Handyman provided a $200.00 discount coupon on the total price of the job.

I was very satisfied with the work that Nationwide Handyman competed and I would hire them again. My husband and I have asked Nationwide Handyman to give us estimates for jobs at our personal residence. Thanks again for the great work!

K. Wallace, Rockville, Maryland

Nationwide Handyman

Dear Nationwide,
We would like to thank you for the amazing job you did on our basement. We absolutely love the way it looks and the value it has added to our home. When we set out to finish our basement we had no idea what we wanted or what the finished product might look like. At every step of the way you guided us into the perfect basement for us. You helped us design a lovely space and also helped us select the most beautiful flooring and lighting. Everyone of your employees was friendly and tidy and we had no disturbance to ourselves at any point in the process.

I would especially like to thank you for the high level of quality that you put into the project. It is obvious to our untrained eyes, and to those more experienced eyes who have since seen the basement, that no corners were cut. Every part of the basement was done to the highest standard, from removal of the pre-existing walls and ceiling, to reconstruction of the ceiling (netting us more headroom), paint (ensuring we had enough coats to cover in the dark color we selected), and electrical work (cutting the cost of the heavy-up so the we could have all the new electrical need met). Even the mounted TV stand that you designed and built for us perfectly complements the new space.

Everyone of our friends is so impressed with our gorgeous new space, and we are the happiest homeowners. Please know that we so much appreciate your hard work and skill, and we will definitely use you again for our next home improvement project. Please feel free to use us for references.
We wish you the best, and thank you again.

E Starr, Potomac, Maryland

I am writing about my experience with Nationwide Handyman. I believe that your company is top notch. I thought that the personal service you provided was excellent, especially when you came to my house prior to repairs to access what had to be done and gave me a price quote. Your handyman repaired our drywall and did a very through, neat and professional job.

I will definitely call your company again if I need any other handyman work done in the future.
Thank you very much.
L. Palmer, Germantown, Maryland

Nationwide Handyman,
Dear Sirs,
I would like to share with you the pleasure we had having one of your workers in our house. He was very quiet, clean and pleasant to have around. The job was done nicely to our satisfaction. He should be congratulated on his politeness and a well done job.

SB Dashan, Bethesda, Maryland

Nationwide Handyman,
Just a note to thank you all. It was a pleasure working with you. The work is excellent and we are very pleased. I have informed our homeowner's association that our work is completed and recommended you for other work to be done by the other homeowner's here. Your handyman was just great. We really appreciated that he was here on time, did an excellent job and cleaned up after each days work. That really means a lot to us. Thanks to you all--you really made this a carefree experience.
Thank you.

P & N Howland, Maryland

Nationwide Handyman,
We want you to know how much we appreciated your attentiveness and thoughtfulness while we undertook the repair to one of our showers. I know the problem encountered during the repairs were more complicated than any of us had expected, but you handled them professionally and courteously.

We were particularly impressed with two experiences which were not even related to the work we had contracted with Nationwide Handyman. First, as a result of the unprecedented rain storm in the Washington area, we had water damage in our basement and considerable water logged tiles, carpet padding and damage matter that had to be hauled away. The County told us that they would not pick up these materials and we would have to either have to haul them ourselves to the County dump or arrange privately for their disposal. When you arrived to remove the trash created by the contracted work, you assisted us in also disposing of the accumulated debris that thus rendered us a great service. Secondly, you gave us a simple do-it-yourself solution to a missing tile in another shower in our house, a problem that another contractor had suggested would cost us a significant amount of money to repair.

We would unhesitatingly recommend your services to anyone and we intend to use Nationwide Handyman for some additional repair work we have to do. Our willingness to reengage your services is the highest recommendation we can offer to the caliber of your service.

You have our permission to use us as a reference as necessary.
Sincerely yours,

L. Spodak, Bethesda, Maryland

Nationwide Handyman,
We think you are wonderful!! You have wonderful customer service and all your employees are very professional and very skilled in all that they do.

Please feel free to us as a reference. Thanks for coming to our home on Friday night to help us with our plumbing problem.

Everything is perfect now!
Take care and thanks for your wonderful service,

J Curry, Gaithersburg, Maryland

Nationwide Handyman

Just a short note to let you know how pleased I was with the work your company completed on my house. The work included replacement of rotted wood from my house; rebuilt bay window, installed new windows, painted, installation of a entry and storm door; rebuilt backyard shed and followed up with power-washing my home.

I have to say, the work was excellent, top notch. They took their time making sure all work performed was done to my satisfaction. Nationwide Handyman is an honest and reliable company. I will refer my friends to Nationwide Handyman and continue to use their excellent services in the future. Nice Job!

Gary Lucas, Silver Spring, Maryland

Nationwide Handyman

Dear Nationwide Handyman,
I want to thank you and your staff for my beautiful bathrooms! As always, your company's work is excellent--you really do go the extra mile to ensure the customer is happy. You displayed real caring and professionalism in working around my family schedule.

Without a doubt I will continue to have more remodeling projects for you in the future. Feel free to us me as a reference for your other potential customers.

Warmest regards,

Ayda Sanver, Potomac, Maryland

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